Thursday, June 30, 2011

Midyear Musings (Midweek Musings 15)

The first half of 2011 is almost over and I know I've been saying this since time immemorial but 'time really flies' and I really can't believe we're already on the halfway mark already. The past 6 months have been very interesting to say the least. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, both personally and professionally. But I learned a lot and I admit I'm still in the process of transitioning to adulthood. Oh yes that word "adulthood", it's only this year that I realized (and accepted) that I am really an adult now. All they have said about the "real world" is so true and I really have a new found appreciation of my life before as a teen. Sometimes I admit I love to reminisce because the present is too tough and the future is so uncertain the relieving the past gives a warm feeling to my heart. I know all people go through to this phase and I'm glad I was raised well to handle this kind of stuff. I'm not saying I'm a brave young adult now, like I said I'm still in the process. And I know this is just the start of more challenges to come but I'm ready. There will be times I will feel like breaking down or giving up but it's just normal and what's important is how you will face whatever life throws at you. aI will do my best to handle all the hurdles that comes along in the best way possible. I am at a point of my life where decision making is so essential that having a strong sense of self is important. I don't know if I'm placing the right words to fully explain what I'm feeling right now so pardon me if what I'm saying is just running in circles. Anyway, with those issues haha I just wanna thank God for guiding me, I also had some struggles spiritually I admit but I'm over it and my faith is stronger than ever :)

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