Sunday, May 15, 2011

Playing Programmer: NBC

After ABC and FOX, I'm now going to share my "schedule" for NBC which is in real chaos as most of their new shows launched this season flopped. Only "Harry's Law" survived but on the good side their new reality show "The Voice" is a smash hit but the show just aired a few weeks ago and will finish in June so I doubt they'll have the second season ready for fall, it will likely debut in midseason. NBC picked six new half hour sitcoms and five new hourlong dramas. You can see the new shows' premises via Deadline. Like ABC, they have a lot of new shows with intriguing concepts but NBC has a lot of holes to fill because they have few hit shows on their schedule so they need massive changes. It's actually hard to schedule NBC but fun to do because they can do a lot of options.

Here's my schedule for NBC:


NBC has football coverage here


8 pm: Grimm
9 pm: Awake
10 pm: Harry's Law

Two high concept pilots should be launched here. "Grimm" is a procedural with a fantasy bent that could work leading off the night. "Awake" could be the "IT" sci fi/action adventure show of the season and probably bring back the glory days of "Heroes" if this show does become a hit. It's also a good counterprogramming against ABC's Dancing With The Stars and CBS sitcoms. Harry's Law was basically a self starter when it was launched and it did decent with a poor lead in so I'll give it the chance to grow this season and who knows maybe the new shows that will be launched at 9pm could be stronger


8 pm: Are You There Vodka? It's Me Chelsea
8:30 pm: Whitney
9 pm: The Biggest Loser
10pm: Prime Suspect

I'll pair the two multi camera sitcoms to start a new female centric comedy block and I'll push TBL an hour later. I'll trim The Biggest Loser to one hour, the numbers will be stronger if they just trim it to one hour and it will boost a new show "Prime Suspect".

8 pm: Parenthood
9 pm: Smash
10 pm: Law & Order: SVU

I'll move Parenthood here and start the night, it's a family show that could attract audience and will be a solid show to start the night. Steven Spielberg broadway drama "Smash" is the most anticipated pilot and it could attract a different audience with the current 9pm shows it will likely compete so it could shine plus it will be sandwiched between NBC's two strongest dramas but given the early hype, this show should be a self starter.


8 pm: 30 Rock
8:30 pm: Bent
9 pm: The Office
9:30 pm: Up All Night
10 pm: Parks and Recreation
10:30 pm: Community

I'll move 30 Rock to start the night since it's the strongest one outside The Office and could be a good solid base to help a new show that will be launched. Parks & Community have solid followings but the ratings aren't strong enough but if they could carry those viewers to the 10-11pm slot their numbers will be acceptable


8 pm: Minute to Win It
9 pm: Chuck
10 pm: Dateline

Chuck is renewed for a final season of 13 episodes and the show is really low rated and as much as I love it if NBC leaves it on its Mondays, 8pm slot it could hurt the new shows they will launch. Friday has low expectations and Chuck's ratings will be acceptable


NBC airs drama reruns here and I don't think it will change at alll


Free Agents

NBC simply have two many sitcoms so it's inevitable that they'll have one or two on bench for midseason

The Playboy Club
This is a drama set in the 1960s so it is a tough sell but I'm thinking that NBC could give it a premiere boost by picking this for the post Superbowl slot and given the premise it could attract a lot of the Superbowl viewers to tune in.

The Voice
If fall becomes disastrous for NBC's new shows (I'm hoping not) they could always count on this show to boost their midseason run. It already started strong and I bet it will be bigger next season.


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