Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing Programmer: CBS

It took me awhile to "play programmer" for CBS because I've been waiting for the news of their cancellations and new show pick ups which took awhile compared to the other networks. CBS has canceled a lot of their new shows (Mad Love, Sh!t My Dad Says, The Defenders, Chaos) but the fate of their older series on the bubble (CSI: Miami & New York, The Good Wife, Rules of Engagement) and a couple of freshman shows (Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior) have not been decided so with this schedule I'm just assuming which shows will make it. After all they picked up 4 new dramas and two comedies so they gotta make room for that. Anyway, after ABC, NBC, and FOX, I'll now share "my schedule" for CBS:


7 pm: 60 Minutes
8 pm: The Amazing Race
9 pm: Undercover Boss
10 pm: The Good Wife

This will be basically unchanged save for moving The Good Wife replacing CSI: Miami. The Good Wife while critically acclaimed has been struggling with the 18-49 demo, the bar set for advertising so while some are suggesting that CBS should move it to Fridays where it's demo number will be acceptable I don't think CBS will do it just yet and try it scheduling this on Sunday to test if this will survive better with different lead in and competition.


8 pm: How I Met Your Mother
8:30 pm: Rules of Engagement
9 pm: Two and A Half Men
9:30 pm: Two Broke Girls
10 pm: Hawaii Five-O

I'll bring back Rules of Engagement back at 8:30 since it hasn't done good after the midseason move after The Big Bang Theory and it had better hold after HIMYM. I would launch one of their two new sitcom pick up after the 2.5 Men which despite the cast change I think would still be big and the best launch for a new sitcom


8 pm: NCIS
9 pm: NCIS: Los Angeles
10 pm: Unforgotten

I'll debut this CBS new drama which seems to be a character driven procedural that could be a perfect match for the NCIS combo more than The Good Wife


8 pm: Survivor
9 pm: Criminal Minds
10 pm: Persons of Interest

I'll debut JJ Abrams' Persons of Interest here on Wednesday a show with a different tone could likely do better rather than a procedural competing with a procedural with NBC's Law & Order: SVU which has been dominant on the 10 pm slot.


8 pm: The Big Bang Theory
8:30 pm: Mike & Molly
9 pm: The Mentalist
10 pm: CSI

I'll move Mike & Molly here to test if this would have a better retention with TBBT's numbers than Sh!t My Dad Says and Rules of Engagement ever did. I'll finally flip flop The Mentalist and CSI, the latter has been down a lot lately and maybe a 10pm move would help it or at least if still get mid to high 2s number it would be acceptable on this night


8 pm: A Gifted Man
9 pm: CSI: Miami
10 pm: Blue Bloods

I don't think CBS will give up launching a new scripted show on Friday just yet. I think they will still try again. I think CSI: New York will be cancelled and CSI: Miami will take its place. While Blue Blood's demo is not that impressive, it hasn't dove to alarming levels and with the huge total viewers it get it's likely it gets huge 25-54 demo rating which is a good lead in to affiliate local news since they target that demographic plus with CSI NY probably cancelled and all the shows that had the 8pm slot canceled this season I don't think CBS will go 3/3 for Friday night bloodbath, they will likely keep one and my bet is the freshman Blue Bloods.


CBS airs drama reruns hand unscripted 48 Hours Mystery


The 2-2

The former title of this one is Rookies while it might sound bland it was better than this so I hope they change it. This will replace whichever drama tanks horribly

How To Be A Gentleman

This sitcom will replace the weakest sitcom performer of CBS

CBS like FOX is a stable network so you might find this schedule boring but this is likely how CBS will go. They went aggressive last year with moving The Big Bang Theory, Survivor, CSI: New York and CSI: Miami from their cushy slots to try something new while some worked (TBBT to Thursday, Survivor to Wednesday) I don't think CBS will be that daring again for the second straight year. But they could surprise us and I personally want that :)

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