Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Midweek Musings 14

* This year I watched a lot of movies in the moviehouses! My movie-watching average (in actual moviehouse not on home video) for the past 5 years or so was 2 movies per year! And now I watched over 10 already, wait let me enumerate it the movies I watched this year:
  1. Tangled
  2. Rio
  3. Rango
  4. Adjustment Bureau (thanks Pinoyexchange!)
  5. Arthur (thanks Pinoyexchange!)
  6. Source Code
  7. Limitless
  8. Thor
  9. Fast Five
  10. Senior Year (local indie film that was shown for a week or two at Glorietta)
  11. The King's Speech (it was just shown here in the Philippines last week at Ayala cinemas)
  12. Something Borrowed
  13. In The Name of Love
So wow 13 movies! Well , I guess I'll watch a lot more this year! Watching movies = escapism ;)

* The US TV season is almost over already and the shows I followed religiously this season are the half-hour sitcoms. I'm way behind with a lot of hourlong shows. But I'm updated with TV news and stuff haha as shown last week with my TV Upfronts posts. I'm planning to write my TV season in recap and promising new shows posts in the succeeding weeks. I hope I won't get lazy to do it :D

* I'm enjoying Adele's chart success right now. I never thought 'Rolling in the Deep" would hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 or that "21" will dominate album sales. It was refreshing to see an artist like her achieve this kind of success. And she's gaining popularity in the Philippines too! I hope if she ever visits the Philippines, I would be able to watch her concert, I would love to hear her fantastic voice live.

* I love seeing my nephew grow. He will turn 3 years old this August and he is already talkative. Every Saturday I usually babysit and it's exhausting but it's a rewarding experience. Being a parent is really difficult so I appreciate my parents more than ever now. And somehow with this experience, I'm being trained when the time comes I'll become a parent too haha! :D

* The past two months at work were quite a difficult time for me. Work load was fine but there was a time the working environment was toxic and so stressful. Aside from that, I also thought that I want to experience something new already, I don't feel like standing still. I admit a lot of times these past two months I was thisclose of leaving the job but my rational side won thankfully. I'll face some tough challenges at work in the coming weeks and I really hope I'll survive. I'll be with company for 2 years already come July so I don't think it's the right time to leave. I feel like that there's something more for me here. Although I admit I often wonder if I'm just playing it safe. It's a confusing time. Lord guide me please.

* The new editorial board of Heraldo Filipino was announced today and I don't know anyone of them personally. All my apprentices (freshman students back then) already graduated so my last "connection" with the school paper I loved so much is no longer there. I don't know why I'm being so dramatic about this but I guess there's just an "end of an era" feeling with this.

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