Saturday, October 02, 2010

Spotlight: The Office's "Nobody But Me"

The 7th season premiere of "The Office" opened with a bang with the cast performing a lip dub to "Nobody But Me" by the "The Human Beinz". Although the pop cultural reference to lip dub is a year too late, it still without one of most "fun" moments the series had. It was great seeing the cast goofing around while some other stayed true to their character but was still involved (like Stanley, Darryl and Angela not really dancing, Dwight well being creepy weird). Knowing that this is Steve Carell's final season on the show when he first showed up on the scene I kinda got sad because it made me realized how I will really miss Michael Scott on the show, despite the character's annoying ways "The Office" will be incomplete without him. Anyway, on the last part I thought the documentary cameraman finally spoke! Then upon watching the scene again I found it was Toby afterall (how apt that he was the one chosen to shoot that because it would be weird to see Toby dance and this is the kind of stuff that The Office peeps would force him to do haha).

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