Sunday, October 24, 2010

NU 107 Reformatting?

UPDATE: It's now official

What a year for Mega Manila radio! First 103.5 Max FM closed down last July and was replaced by 103.5 Wow FM headed by Mr. Fu (formerly of 91.5 Energy FM) and Laila (formerly of 101.9 WRR/For Life/Tambayan) then last September one year old CHR station U92 ceased operations and by November it will be replaced by an "AM" type of station under TV5 but now rumor has it that NU 107 will undergo a reformatting! That's quite a shocker because I never thought of all stations this station would be the one changing its format! I mean since I started listening to radio in the late 90s they have been there and they are very legendary I must say. I first encountered the rumored reformating on at first I just dismissed it maybe it's just like the silly rumor RX 93.1 will go masa but then former 99.5 RT DJ Andrew tweeted this blog entry and it seems like it will really happen! I don't know what to say, I'm not really a regular listener of NU 107 save for the Stairway to Seven countdown but I just can't imagine Mega Manila radio without the station and what will happen to the Rock Awards? I thought the station was doing well business wise with the commercial load and their events. If this will really happen this will be a big blow to Mega Manila radio. Again, I have nothing against the current format of mass audience/masa FM stations (I enjoy listening to Love Radio's Tambalan) but Mega Manila has already 8 of them with virtually the same style/approach and if we believe the rumors the new 107.5 will go masa, that's just silly. I hope this isn't true or if it will really happen I hope the new format will be something exciting or new and not just the same old thing. But seriously , NU 107 reformatting? That's really unbelievable.

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