Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Today we celebrate World Teachers’ Day! I have high respect for teachers(the good ones of course) because this is no easy job and the compensation is not that high considering how vital their job is (they help shape the future!). I met a lot of good and inspiring teachers in my 12 years of studying and let me honor some of through this blog post:

Ms. Myrna Caramillo

She was my teacher in Grade 1 and co-incidentally we share the same birthday (it was a big deal when I found that out back in the day). What I love about her is how she helped me adjust in school. I was a big crybaby back then, I never went to pre-school and went straight in to Grade 1 so I was horrified when Nanay left me on the first day of school, Mam Caramillo calmed me down eventually (I was really hysterical that Nanay had a hard time leaving me in school but Mam Caramillo did a good job on pacifying me down and assuring Nanay that I’ll be fine). If I had a bad teacher on my first year of schooling I could have been traumatized for good!

Ms. Marabini Ferrer
She was my Mathematics teacher in High School and well I’m not really good in Math but she’s very intelligent and her teaching skills are impeccable. She teaches Math effortlessly. But what I love about her the most is how she’s like a mother to her students. She has this relaxing aura that you could feel comfortable sharing about your life about her. And what I really commend about her that despite her personal problems, she’s still an optimistic person and she never lets her personal troubles get in the way of her teaching.

Dr. Ricardo Santiago

Sir “RS” taught ethics during my senior year in college and it was an unforgettable class. It was not just a simple class that has lectures, quizzes, projects and the like but it his class was an enriching experience. Sir RS has this commanding presence that once he speaks you will definitely listen. What he taught us was not based from books and researches, it was something more deep. I did not gain knowledge from him but wisdom. Our last day of class with him was very memorable because he told us to write in a piece of paper what grade would we want to have for that class and he said that grade will be the one submitted to the registrar. We thought he was joking but he wasn’t. He said to us that we should be able to assess ourselves on how we performed in class especially that we were graduating students back then. I wish I could write the perfect words to describe how inspiring his speech was on that day but I just can’t. But it was a life changing moment for me that I will simply never forget. Sir RS passed away a year ago and several of his students came on his wake and burial (unfortunately I wasn’t able to) that just shows how influential and inspiring Sir RS was to his students. Thank you Sir RS!

I want to be a teacher sometime in the future. This has been my plan after graduation. Aside from planning to study Masteral or earn Education units and take the board exam, I want to gain more life experiences that could help me be a better teacher someday. This is the path that I want to take in the future and I hope that I will be a good teacher.

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