Sunday, January 10, 2010

Starting Point

My first post for 2010! I knew it has been more than a week since 2010 started but I dunno after my blog-a-palooza on the last days of 2009, I got a bit lazy to post here haha. Anyway, first off thanks to all who commented and visited my series of decade in review posts and of course the year-end charts recap. It was fun doing it especially covering those year-end charts haha. I've been planning some things for this blog this year so watch out for it. As usual chart recaps will still be regular but I've been thinking of other extra stuff. This blog will turn FIVE next month and I'm pleased I've managed to maintain this blog all these years. Seriously, this blog has been a big part of my life. So thanks for reading :)

By the way, 2010 started very well for me, first my father's health is okay now and I'm so glad the doctor said that Tatay does not have any serious illness. Thank you Lord. :)
The other one, is well, I'm already a regular employee on my current job. Finally! I really am happy with this job, writing dubbing scripts is perfect for me. And I like the work environment. Life after graduation was really a challenging time for me. It was also an eye opener. But I'm glad I experience that struggle. I know this is still the start but I'm optimistic.

Thank you to my family, my friends in high school and college who managed to keep in touch , my officemates from my former job at EMCI and at now my current job at 20 plus and also to my online buddies at for making 2009 a memorable year to me.

Cheers for a Happy 2010 to us!


GeoRge said...

Hey jec! I know you just got regularized and all, congratulations! But if you want there's a potential opening here for a promo producer role. Just let me know if you want to apply. Of course not only Sir Leo knows you, but several other of my managers. :)

forg/jecoup said...

Thanks for the info kuya George pero I have to decline na muna :)