Friday, September 19, 2008

Nine Things About My Work

  1. I have been working for 9 days now.
  2. I work every weekdays 10am to 7pm
  3. I work in an online marketing company, Fireball Planet Corporation.
  4. I work as content writer. So far I've written online pop quizzes, copy for sales letter for the stuff the company sells online, scripts for the online marketing video they produced and edited articles for the up coming eBook of our CEO.
  5. My contract is to work there for three months.
  6. Sometimes, I feel guilty because when I am finished with my tasks for the day and have so much idle time while my co-workers are busy, I just surf the net (the connection there is 100x better than what I have at home) I could not leave early because I will get salary deduction
  7. I bring packed lunch everyday to save up on money. And sometimes, if my father and/or brother goes home early, I go home with them (they also work in Makati but they are both drivers and they don't have a fix work schedule).
  8. I will receive my first salary next week. But it will be small since I started last September 9 only and the cut off period is from Sept. 1 to 15.
  9. Am I happy? I'm not miserable but not really ecstatic. I feel OK, it's a good thing I have work now and the working environment is actually nice. It is just that, when I go home I could not help but feel empty. But I will stay with the job until my contract ends. After that, let us just wait and see

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