Thursday, August 09, 2007

No Classes Tomorrow

I should be happy right? But I am not. Having the classes suspended tomorrow means that we will not be able to conduct our survey for our thesis. Arrgh... Cancelling classes is a tricky thing, the complaints of late cancellation of classes has been staple already. It's gut feel sometimes. I remember that I had class that was still pursued despite calls for cancellation early in the morning but midway through the class it rained really hard, so the classes were suspended anyway. On another occasion, classes were suspended a day before because of the weather report that says that a storm will hit the country. On that day, it did not rained hard, just ambon. But of course there were incidents were they got it right like last year's Milenyo.

Oh well, we need the rain because of the dry spell Luzon is experiencing. But along with the rains comes floods and other incoveniences, It's a package deal I guess.

I hope we will have a class on Friday. The deadline for our thesis is fast approaching.

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