Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Moving on

It's almost over.

Our junior year in college, that is.

"Almost" because we still have the mandatory summer classes which is technically part of our third year curriculum. But I consider those six weeks as "transition period". I survived what other people say as the most exhausting year of your college life.

I realized that this is our last summer term. It's the start of our final year in college.I have been saying this for a lot of times but I mean it when I say it "time really flies". I could still remember my first steps in this campus, My memory is still fresh and I'm still in awe that it happened a long time ago already and we have made it this far. I don't feel a "senior student" yet. But what else can I do,I'm almost there. I just could not believe that we are already close to the end. I have mix feelings of excitement, fear,anxiety and sadness.

But hey, I'm so thankful we made this far.


aajao said...

ei, congratulations! make the rest of your student life remarkable! you will surely miss it when you and your school buds part ways to have your own lives.. :)

Nagi said...

ui, jec! musta na! buhay na ulit blog ko haha! uu.. lasapin ang huling year sa college