Thursday, March 01, 2007


Because of my "haggard days" I almost forgot to "celebrate" forg files 2nd year anniversary! Yes this blog has been existing for TWO YEARS! My very first entry was written last Feb. 3, 2005. For the past two years, I have been sharing bits of my life. I was an accidental blogger. I don't know what "blog" is when I signed up for blogspot. I just did it for the sake of nothing. Soon I enjoyed blogging. Its been a hobby and also therapeutic to me. This blog has been my avenue to release my pent up emotions. Today I have another blog at multiply and I admit that I've been posting there more often than here but I will not dispose this blog. I'm a sentimental kind of person and this blog is special to me.

To all people who read my entries here and left a comment for the past two years, Thank You!


Anonymous said...


haha, grabe artista ka kasi kaya ikaw busy. -____-

Anonymous said...

^ cmc nga pala.

aajao said...

hey. happy 2nd bloggy birthday. mine's four and it transpired just three days ago. :p