Thursday, April 06, 2006

Miss and Hit

The new Heraldo Filipino Editorial Board was released last Monday (april 4) and sadly I did not make it. I was really disappointed since I really wanted to be an editor. I blew it. I knew I did mediocre on the EB exams and messed up the panel interview so I somehow sensed that I may not make it, still I crossed my fingers that maybe I could still pass. But my hunch was right,unfortunately. Life goes on and I fully support the new EB, I could still try next year anyway.

On the other side, I was chosen as the Editor in Chief for our class' laboratory paper El Caviteño (our summer subjects is all about News Writing and Newspaper Management). It will be one big challenge for me. We only have less than 6 weeks to produce that paper. I hope I could manage our paper well. This is the first time I will lead such big task. I will really work hard for this. I want our paper to be a success. Wish me luck!


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herman said...

Haha, goodluck sa paper niyo, mr. EIC!
Update naman ng blog.

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