Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Mathematically Challenged

I received my grades last week and in general my grades were good except for one. The highest grade in DLSU-D is 4.00 then 3.75,3.50, 3.25 and so on and we are under Absolute Grading system which is hard but challenging. As much as possible I dont want to get a grade of 1.75 down to 1.00 (and of course 0.00 but thats already given) unfortunatley I had another 1.75 for Elementary Statistics. "Another" because it's the second time I received a 1.75 first was on the second semester of my freshman on the subject......you guess it right..... College Algebra! I don't hate Math I just hate not being good at it! Math could have been an easy subject for me coz it does not involves complex terms, if you know how to solve a problem and knows the correct process you are surely to have great grades! I really envy people who are good with Math. But I am not really dumb at Math since I was able to maintain being a consistent honor student in high school despite difficulty with Math.(But during my 2nd year in highschool I was almost disqualified at the honors' list since I almost did not make the grade cut off for Math which is 85, I got 84.7, thank God it was rounded off.). My problem is that I had poor retention in Math and I do not review my notes that much except when there is exams already.I admit it's my fault why I'm mediocre at Math. However I'm still good at some aspects of math like probability,permutation among others , its too bad that for the other aspects of Statistics I was awful. I'm also good with Math that involves money hehehe. Oh well, good Elem Stat is my last Math subject! Ironically, I was awarded Best in math during my highschool graduation, what a joke! I was awarded with that award because of the following reasons:

1. My school gave two awards for each category one for each section and almost all of the people who were good at Math were in the other section (we have no honor section, we are mixed up) thus the other section faced stiffer competition while my section not that much.
2. My math teacher during my final year taught us the same topic (counting techniques) for two grading period and since I was good with those topics I received good grades
3. And according to my math teacher I was the nicest in my class.Well,since a lot of my classmates dislike her they tend to be unruly on her.

Still, I do not deserve it and you know what, I failed to bag the award I was hoping to get instead I received the award that I would never thought of getting. Oh well.....

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