Wednesday, February 08, 2006


happy anniversary forg files!
I should have posted this last February 3, the exact date of my blog’s first year anniversary but because I was preoccupied with some other plus our Internet connection at home is malfunctioning again I wasn’t able to do it anyways cliché as it may sounds its better late than never. Blogging for me started as a curiosity that led to a habit. A year ago, I was at the ERS [the computer section of out Library that became my second home when I was a freshman] the student who used the computer before me forgot to log out at his blog. So, as a good Samaritan [for luck of better term or just plain laziness to think] I did it for him but I got curious with this blog so I signed up and typed my first ever entry and it was all about my writing frustration.
I like having a blog because as a frustrated/budding writer this site is my avenue where I say stuff I could not do orally. I admit my write-ups are full of grammatical errors and disorganized thoughts but what matters most for me is that I was able to express what’s in my mind. Having this blog is like having my own column. It is also good that other people could read what you are about to say. I always feel glad whenever someone leaves a comment [I want to thank these people who always have the time to waste their precious surfing moments reading what’s in my blog. Your comments, feedback, thoughts, reactions are truly appreciated]; it is really good to hear what they have to say with my ramblings.
I bought the latest book of Bob Ong [stainless longganisa] and it was all about the author’s passion for writing [of course Ong presented it in a funny way]. I loved the book and it even inspired me to continue writing. I don’t think I could ever reach the caliber of writing Ong and Jessica Zafra [my other favorite writer] has but I hope someday I could also write a book. I have an idea actually. I’m planning to print all my blog entries [a total 56 including this one] for the past year and compile it and have it book bind [if that’s what you call it]. I will also include all my published articles I have written for our school publication and the radio and TV scripts I have written for my Introduction to broadcasting class. This collection will be my “first book”. Somehow, I could feel like a real writer!


Anonymous said...

^^.. hapi anniv on u and ur blog.. wah~ at salamat bumalik ang blogging sa school. -nagi

JP said...

congrats... valentine boy ka pala. hehehe...