Thursday, November 10, 2005

Holiday Hassles

Second semester started last Monday, well, for some I guess. Because of the week long holiday DLSU-D had last week it had affected the enrollment schedule of some students (Good thing my schedule was not affected). Thus resulting to a pandemonium since lots of students (mostly freshmen) lined up to enroll. I felt sorry for the students who have to endure severe inconvenience since the lines were really loooooooong. And that line is for one process only. Some said to me that they finished the procedure late afternoon and some were not able to finish it. That's why I dont like too many holidays, some of the work that needs to be done were not accomplished. It's okay to relax and unwind but we must not overdo it.


Me said...

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Anonymous said...

ainako kerek ka talaga jan jec!!!

grrr.. buti na nga rin di me affected dun sa sched.