Thursday, July 28, 2005


Well it's been a week since I updated my blog. I have been busy with my exams and some other stuff. Well here is a summary on how I faired on my exams: MEDIOCRE. I think will not get low scores but the results are not that high, just okay. I don't think having a OK grade is bad is just that I feel if I study more I will get better scores. Some of the exams could been easy but I just did not prepare that much because I was too lazy. I just browsed my notes and some subjects are just not that interesting to me so I'm not really motivated to study. In my first sem here I had a subject which I really did great, it was Literature of the Philippines. I have gotten perfect scores on both prelims and midterms, nobody else in my class have done that. So far in my almost two years stay here in DLSU-D that's the only time that I had 100% on a major exam. My average on major exams is 10 points away to a perfect score. During that time I was really engrossed with the subject and the professor is really great. After that no other subject really gave me that effect. Well I'm just taking up minors and a "minor" major maybe as I go on with my course I will encounter subjects that will get me moving.


Last Monday La Sallian Speech Club release the students that passed the screening and fortunately I'm included in the list. To be honest I am confident that I will make it to LSC since I did fair well on their screening but what surprise me is that I had a high score= 93%. I did not expect that and by the way I ranked no.2. It's a given fact that I talk fast and I really need to work on my speech skills so I was really surprised that they find me good enough to get that score. It gave me hope that I could still be able to speak with confidence and clarity (and slowly of course). Well it's been good semester so far,first I was accepted at HF and now I'm a part of LSC and I passed with flying colors.


Yesterday I saw my English teacher in highschool. We had a small talk and when I told him that I'm taking up Broadcast Journalism he said that I could make it. He also said to me that it was his frustration to be a journalist too bad circumstances prohibited him to attain it. My English professor is one of the one I look up to. Because of him I got interested with communication and it lead to me taking up this course. He is an excellent teacher, I learned a lot from him. Seeing him reminded me of why I love working with words. I hope that I will meet his expectations and could really make it.


nagi said...

ei.. ur FL id is with me.. so glad that you have updated already. ^__^

haloperidol said...

Hi nice blog ang galing mo pala sa mga language subjects

keep it up.

nagi said...

ei.. thanks for the comment on my new lay-out. i'm glad that i managed to do the codes there for a blog. though.. may ads nga lang..