Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Inside The Office

Yesterday I stayed at the Heraldo Filipino office from 1pm till 7pm. The first four hours I spent practically doing nothing. Anyways I read the rough draft of the forthcoming issue,actually they asked us to proofread it. But I really did not do that since well the other staff already did it and there's nothing much left for me to correct since they did a good job and I think I'm not really good in proofreading especially when it comes to grammar. There were also other apprentices mostly frsehmen in the office we had some chat later on the senior staff joined us but the conversation went to Bush to PGMA to World History to Religion to Philosophy, topics that I know little about. But I enjoyed listening to them, I just love how their views contradict sometimes. I like listening to debates but I don't like participating that much . Around 4pm the news staff had an orientation leaded by our news coordinator Deofelyn Ocayo or Ate Lhen as she likes people to call her (not the ate part actually but I choose to call her with ate since I'm her subordinate) . We started by some "getting to know each other" activity where each of us take turns in asking questions and of course answering it. I got questions like what's your favorite book,strengths and weaknesses and expectations at HF news. Someone ask her(Ate Lhen) to described us (the news staff) in one word she described me as articulate. I was surprised since being articulate is something that I could never think of myself. To be articulate is to be clear; distinct; express with clarity and is skillful with words. I assumed that most people do not find the way I speak clear since I talk so fast, well I may sound distinct; skillfull with words? Hmmmm.... Now this is a challenge. The orientation covered topics such as rules and regulations, the people we need to know and some other guidelines to be an efficient HF news staff. Then came our assignments, I was tasked to write about Bro.Luistro's stand on the PGMA issue. Ate Lhen told me that she will assist me on how to work this article out, she said that she has talk to me personally but since we already lack the time she said to me to come tomorrow (which is today) at the office. I'm really nervous about this, this is my first assignment for HF I hope I won't mess up.

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nagi said...

aw~ antagal ng walang update.. ganun ka na talaga ka-busy, ne?