Saturday, June 18, 2005


I'm a boy who cries a lot. I remember during my first day at school I cried a river when my mother left already. Although later on I was already used to be left at school but there were other reasons to ignite me to cry. When they fetch me late, I cry. When i fell on a seat i cry. When they tease me I cry.That's why I had a reputation of being sensitive at school so my classmates were so careful not to make me cry. I thought it will be good since no one will dare to harm me but as I grow i've started to realize how silly and humilating I was. Boys should not cry if you do it you show signs of weakness and will be called as Gay. I dont want that to happen so I started to be more cautious. In some situations that I felt like crying I forced not to. I want to be strong, but at home when I'm in bed and everyone is asleep I cry andI do without any sound, I don't want people to hear me cry. I'm weak I admit it. I just don't want to keep angst, frustrations and insecurities in my chest I want to let it out. Every shed of tear is equivalent to evry inch of pain I feel inside.
Now I'm 17 years old and still a crybaby. But no one sees it unlike before. I cry about anything that makes me feel bad. Whenever hear the phrase "Boys don't cry" I shudder and ask myself "Why?" Answer me...

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Gerard said...

Bona diem! (Good day!)

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Gerard, a classmate of yours sa JOU21, a.k.a. AGC4639 sa forums.

The stereotypic phrase "Boys don't cry" is a cliche. Believe me, boys who cry are more men than those who don't. Why? Simple. It's because they are not afraid to do what society forbids them to: to cry. I mean, at least you find an avenue to release your problems or anything you might want to call it. I admit it, at 19 years old (albeit 2 years ahead of you), I do cry too. As a matter of fact, it's brave of me to cry before people. (I rarely cry today, because as so far, there's no reason for me to cry yet.) You're not the only one who cries. Millions of males (even the most "macho") cry every time of their lives.

But don't just cry with yourself. I understand that you may be afraid to show people that you cry. Cry with someone you can trust. Cry with a friend who cries too.

Everyone of us is a crybaby at least once in a lifetime. "Boys don't cry"? That's shitty crap, man! (No, not your crying; what I meant was that cliche.)

If you wanna correspond with me or anything (though we only got to know just recently; but I do welcome correspondence with anyone), feel very free and do not hesitate to either talk to me, e-mail me at, and while you're at it, visit my blog at

Vobis gratia, et beata Dei! (Thank you, and God bless!)