Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Being a Liability

I really feel bad today because I feel like I'm not being useful to the school organization I belong to (Friends of the Library) I'm actually the vice president. It was an impropmtu thing actually. When the former officer texted me that they will now appoint new officers for the school year and she asked me if I want to be an officer I said yes. I thought that I will get lower positions like PRO or Business Manager but I was shocked when I found out that I was assigned as the Vice president. I thought of refusing to accept it but I realize that the former officers are really having a hard time to manage this org since it is sort of a mess and I don't want to be add another pain in the head to them. I accept thinking that it will be a great challenge for me and plus I'm a good leader when it comes to class presentations so I assume I could handle it. But reality check I'm a person who dislikes HASSLE and I try to avoid it. I have lots of "I can't do that" reasons. Like in our recruitment period I can't stand being alone in our booth mainly because I'm shy on facing people and I'm not a good sales person so i thought that I will do more harm if I stay around the booth, but by not staying in the booth I also do harm since prospective applicants might slip away.But what can I do, my apprehensions is ruling over me? I'm really not prepared to this thing, In highschool we don't have this kind of stuff (my former school has no clubs actually). I think it's a good thing that i did not pass the application for the school paper since I know that I couldn't do it good anyway besides that my writing style is so mediocre I know I can't handle the pressure.
But still I will not quit as being the VP for my org, I will still do my best to be an asset and not a liability.


Anonymous said...

nyak!!! anu ka ba jec! you're very useful nga eh. if not for the org, well at least for me. ^^ di ba nga pakners in crime tayo? remember, we had an agreement, hindi ko tatanggapin yung position ng pagka-president kung hindi ka pumayag na maging vice di ba. ^^ i wouldn't have done it without you. if i have one person to thank first and foremost, ikaw yon.

good luck sa ten sa GA. thanks a lot.


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