Thursday, May 05, 2005

Things I learned from my Subic trip

Last weekend my father had a company outing at Subic, we came along (my mother,older brother and me). Well how was it? I will summarize it by enumerating you what I have learned from that trip:

People don't know the meaning of assembly time.
The assembly time was supposed to be 5:30 am but when we arrived there there are only a few people. They started arriving around 6:30am. And these are professionals and they don't know the value of time.

Traffic makes me more dizzy than a moving bus.

3.It's okay not to bring your own snacks since my father's co workers provided us already with food.

We came home still our bags almost untoched since our food was mildly consumed.

Videoke inside a bus is a no-no

5.The reason why there are spoiled brats because there are parents that are too cool.
I noticed my father's co worker who is so lenient with her kids to the point of disrespecting her but she only laughed. I know she wanted a good relationship with her son but she gotta let him know who is the authority.

6. Either me or my brother & father have a urinary problem
My father & brother urinate every stop of the bus and i constantly hear them that nature is calling them again. While i only had two each of the two day trip. So who has the problem?

7.Dolphins are amazing animals.
Our first stop was OCEAN ADVENTURE, an open water marine park and it had a show and oh boy i was impressed. It is a shame that we forgot to bring a camera but the memory is inside of me forever.

8.Of the whole sem i took up Swimming i only learned 50% of it.
Oh well at least i did learned and i still applied it when we went swimming. The best thing i coiuld do was floating

9.I want to have a cable.
Our room had a television on it and it has cable! We never had cable in our home so I was ecstatic so i surf the tv till midnight

10.Tigers have talent fee.
The next day we went to ZOOBIC SAFARI and i was surprised when the staff there said that you couldn't take a picture on one of the tigers there unless you pay its talent fee.

11.There is Jollibee everywhere
On our way home i noticed that every town we came across I saw a branch of jollibee

12.Metro Manila is flooded with billboards
Another thing i notice on our way home are the large billboards that you could see practically everywhere. Left or right you will see and they are huge.


bianca said...

interesting points. :p lalo na the stark differences sa province and city! hay naku! and i agree with the price hikes.. aaaack! naku nakakainis na talaga. thanks for linking me! :) but sorry, my name is spelled gonzalez, not with an "s".. :p thank you nga pala sa pagbisita sa blog ko! naku! pinoyexchange? i'll try when i have time! :) thank you!

Thirdy Lopez said...

HAHAHA..Masaya yung videoke in a bus.. except if wala ka sa mood kumanta.. Pero if videoke sa bus.. walang takas.. masaya yun.. HAHAHAHA!..

Ganun talaga mga Pilipino.. laging late.. At yung late naten one hour late.. Mahirap magintay..