Saturday, May 14, 2005

Random Thoughts

The Purpose of Existence

- Why are we here? Why am I alive? These are questions that all of us think of. What is our purpose? We have no destiny. We make our life. Life is full of choices and it’s our job to find out what choice will fit to us. That’s why we have our own will to make our decisions. Everyday we make decisions. This decision shapes our future.
- The ultimate goal of our existence is to be happy. What is then happiness? Happiness is contentment, making your life worth living for. Happiness is hard to achieve; many never attained it until their death. The reason they were afraid to make choices. They are afraid to fail. But failing is normal if we don’t fail we will not be successful. You must experience to be at the bottom to appreciate fully being on top. God does not set us to a planned life but he is just there to guide us it is up to us if we follow its way.
- In order to succeed we must work on it. We could not just sit down there waiting for luck to come. It will depend on us to make our life better. Success in life has a wider scope, it is not limited to economic status only. You could be rich but not successful. How could it happen? We are not born in a world where success is waiting in the door. You could be lucky that you will be born into a family that is wealthy yet as you grow you will not feel contented thus making you unhappy then you will seek for the thing that will make you fulfilled. To achieve success you must first encounter troubles since this obstacles will test your patience and will to achieve success. There is no short cut for success. If you take the easy way in you can not claim that you are successful.

Relating with the others

- Treat others with respect since you don’t want people to disrespect you. You should have friends since from them you will learn. There are things in life that you will learn on based on your friends’ experiences. When your friend commit a mistake you tend not to follow it, when he does something exemplary you will be inspired to emulate it. It is normal that you will encounter people that you will have disagreement on since we are all unique thus we all have different ideals, don’t complete shut your mind off if you hear someone say negative things to you examine yourself who knows he might be true. But if he is wrong the best way to deal with him is to ignore it. You should avoid having enemies even if you dislike someone just ignore it. Ignoring it will make it go away. We could not force someone to like you but do your best to prove him that you are not worthy of his disgust if it does not work its not your problem. But don’t be a martyr you should know if someone has cross the line and you must stand up for yourself. Standing up for yourself does not mean picking a fight but letting them know that you are not their slave.
- Don’t worry that sometimes you feel you want to be alone, its normal since there are things that you want to do by yourself. It does not mean that you are alienating yourself but you just value your privacy.

- There is a God who created us. For us to be here someone greater than us must have started it all. But we cannot see him in a person form. He is neither a man nor a woman. It is normal to doubt if he really exist for it is the first step to know him. Questioning his existence is the quest to know who he really is. When we doubt him we resolve to do things that will satisfy our curiosity. Consequently we will stumble to the answer we have been looking for.

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